My package is on hold at the post office.

Here are some of the reasons your package may be on hold at your local post office:

  • You were not available when the carrier attempted to deliver your package.
  • You requested the package to be put on hold. 

Note: Carriers usually leave a Redelivery Notice for customers when there's an attempted delivery. 
So please read and follow the directions on the notice if you receive one.

Here are a few steps you can take to retrieve your package:

  1. If you have the Redelivery Notice, visit your local post office pick-up location based on the information on the back of the notice. You may pick up the item on or after the date and time indicated on the PS Form 3849 Delivery Notice.
  2. If you do not have the Redelivery Notice, call your local post office directly using their direct local number, not the 1800 number directed to the USPS call center. You can check your local post office number here
  3. If no one responds or the call gets directed to the USPS call center, visit the local post office  to pick up your package. 

If you still have questions in regards to your package, please email us at, and a Mansa Tea representative will assist you within 24 hours on the next business day. 

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