Do you have a tea that supports weight loss?

Studies have shown that regularly drinking pu-erh tea, particularly the fully fermented ripe pu-erh tea, helps with weight loss and reduction in the Body Mass Index (BMI) by preventing the body from absorbing the fats in the diet. You can read more about the benefits of the pu-erh here.

We recommend you try our Menghai Old Tree Ripe Pu-erh (2009) a smooth and rich 13-year-old aged tea with a balanced mix of cinnamon red buds and leaves handcrafted from the leaves of century-old tea trees in Menghai, Yunnan Province. This tea serves as a digestif after a heavy meal because of its fermented properties!

For a more everyday option, we recommend our Everyday Ripe Pu'er.

If you need more tea recommendations, please email us at, and a Mansa Tea representative will assist you within 24 hours on the next business day. 

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