When’s the deadline for the full payment?

In general, we require the full payment to be settled before we ship out the packages for our events. The exact timeline depends on the location of the participants. 

  • For events with only US-based participants: 2 weeks before your event date.
  • For events with international participants: 4 weeks before your event date. 
  • For events with both US-based and international participants: The payments related to US-based participants are due 2 weeks before your event date. The payments related to international participants are due 4 weeks before your event date. 

In cases where you have less time left than indicated above, please process your invoice ASAP so that we can ship out the packages the next day and prevent any further delays. 

To get started, please fill out our event request form, and a Mansa Tea representative will get back to you within 24 hours on the next business day to discuss your event details. 

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